Amy Schumer and the Barbie role

Once again, Amy Schumer is in headline after headline.  News broke that she was in talks to play Barbie and some people didn’t think she fit the role.  She completely freaked out and lashed out at them in Instagram, made this a fat shaming issue blahblahblah yawn………

Amy Amy Amy, when will you ever learn?  Precious few women with universal aesthetic appeal exist – and they’re all Victoria’s Secret Angels.  The rest of us just need to make the most of what we have, that’s all *shrug*  Besides, there’s a Curvy Barbie, isn’t there?  With all your talk about body positivity, why didn’t you proudly point that out?

I’m extremely puzzled by Amy’s reaction towards the public.  These are folks she depends on to watch the movie and make it a blockbuster.  Why let that plus size ego get in her way of being a role model for all women?  It just alienates her from the rest of us.  I don’t find her endearing at all.

I don’t think Amy fits the Barbie role either, even Curvy Barbie.  Barbie is feminine, refined and classy – everything Amy is not.  In fact, the magnificent Ashley Graham would make a far better Curvy Barbie.  She has the curves, she’s beautiful and she oozes poise.

As for Amy, before she runs her plus size mouth off yet again, maybe she out to look to Ashley Graham for lessons about body positivity.  Both are heavy ladies, but the latter isn’t only fiesty, she’s refined and polished.  Amy, in contrast, is vulgar and crass.

Really, I wonder what is wrong with celebrities nowadays.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


A wedding! :D

Well, not just any wedding.  This was the best wedding I’ve ever attended because… the groom is my little brother! 😀  It’s surreal to realise that my baby brother (yes, although he’s all grown up) will soon start a family of his own.

At the banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel, the family busied ourselves mingling and chatting with the guests until all were seated at their respective tables.

In the middle of the dinner, while speeches were being given, I suddenly felt a lump in my throat.  I never understood why people cried when they were happy as, when I was happy, I was happy!  But this, this was different…

It was pure, unadulterated JOY.  I was so happy for him and his lovely wife.  We toasted her and formally welcomed her into the family.  They certainly make a great couple and complement each other well : )

Cherry looked great in the powder blue peplum dress I gave her.  She loves it!  We’ve been planning what we would wear for weeks!  As expected, at the last minute, we changed our minds 😛

My baby brother is all grown up now.  I wish them happiness forever.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Diet culture?

I came across a post by somebody moaning about diet culture.  She defined it as people posting about salads and healthy food, moving more, a supervisor suggesting a walk after a potluck breakfast with the team, etc etc etc.

Wait.  A.  Second.  She just described my life and labelled it ‘diet culture’.  Is she suggesting I’m perpetually on some miserable diet or that I’m suffering?!?!?!?!?!  This is how I used to live as a child and how I live now, save for a number of wayward years in between.

Eating well is a habit grandma instilled in me during childhood.  MacDonald’s was a weekly treat.  Otherwise it was mostly fresh and nutritious food all the way – rice, fish/seafood/meats and veggies.  For dessert, it was always fruit.

In 1 meal.  We were at an Indian-themed buffet.  If you’ve read my other entries, you’ll know I’m not afraid to eat and I consume decent quantities of food.  Sometimes copious amounts 😛  Heck, I enjoy my beers too!

I don’t diet; there isn’t any need to.  I’m active because I’m not a sedentary person and get fidgety very easily.  I move about as much as possible even with a deskbound job.  Movies are so long nowadays that I’ve given up watching them in theatres; I never finish them!  At home, I can pause them, get up, move around a bit then resume watching.

My lifestyle isn’t diet culture.  The author is entitled to her opinion but I don’t agree with it.  She would probably bristle if I label her lifestyle ‘Unhealthy Culture’.  Such is the double standards in the body positive community.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

The myth of the size 0 body

It’s baffling just how many people think being a size 0 automatically means you are rail thin, have eating disorders, starve yourself or look like a prepubescent boy.  Are those people making such snide remarks genuinely clueless or jealous? *ponder*

I’ve been a size 0 for a good number of years now.  I stand at a petite 5’4″ and have a pretty small skeletal frame.  I don’t skip meals, have decent portions (quite a lot, actually :P), consume good quality fresh food and have cheat days.  I weigh a healthy 110 to 120 pounds and have a BMI of 19 to 21.

I love sinful food, I have dessert and I adore beer.  I don’t nibble on miserable carrot sticks and kale all the time.  I love meat, I have rice and potatoes for energy and I obediently eat veggies so that meals are balanced.  I don’t spend hours at the gym either!

This is my size 0 body.  I have fleshy thighs.  I have hips and a somewhat defined waist.  I try to keep active daily but am not obsessed about beauty standards.  Yes, it would be nice to have a flawless body but there’re time constraints as well as other obligations, like work.  It’s enough that I try my best.

Time is too precious to spend every waking minute being critical of our physiques.  All we need to do is make the most of what we were born with.  With my skeletal frame, anything over a size 0 doesn’t look good and that’s absolutely fine!  I’ll just keep being this size, that’s all.  It’s healthy for me and it’s all that matters.

I don’t look anything like the ultra thin catwalk models who wear the same size.  I’m not underweight.  I’m slim, yes, and I’m as toned as best as I can given time constraints.  A size 0 doesn’t necessarily mean one is afraid to eat.  No way!  So please, get the myth of the size 0 being anorexic or stick thin out of your minds!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


Previously, I wrote about Amanda being love scammed.  She fell for some China dude who she met on an online dating website.  He claimed to be an investment banker and she wired money to him for investments.  Unfortunately, it was all a ploy to cheat her of her hardearned money.

Amanda wrote about her experience.  Others reached out to share their own love scam experiences.  Joanne previously shared what she went through with me.  She lost over $100,000/- to a love scam.  Needless to say, it was very devastating.  My heart goes out to these women.

What these ladies had in common was – desperation.  No matter how confident they portrayed themselves to be, the lack of attention from men made them crave love.  They accepted anyone remotely decent who showed the slightest bit of interest and let down all their defences.

We have the responsibility to protect ourselves while dating.  Nobody else will do it for us; certainly not the love scammers!  Before opening ourselves and our hearts wide to somebody, we need to be sure that their intentions are sincere and genuine.  Being vulnerable is fine but it has to be to the right person.

Would you be vulnerable to a rapist?  I guess that answers your question.  Desperation causes us to act in ways detrimental to our well being.  Sure, we all want love.  But love always comes naturally, especially when we aren’t actively seeking just to fill an empty space in our lives.

I hope this helps women to protect themselves a little better.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Something new for 2017

I spent the last many years for health.  Now that I have the relatively flat belly and slim and toned body, what better way to start 2017 than with a new blog, new direction in life AND a new activity?

I’d been thinking of taking up another hobby for some time now.  Since dance is something I like, might as well give it a try!  Ballet and other slow dances aren’t my thing; I’ll fall asleep.  I’ve been looking at belly dancing, salsa and zumba classes available.  The school location and timeslots are the most important factors that influence my decision : )

Well, my workout client has contacted me to arrange for another session this weekend!  Woohoo!  Looks like I may have another success story to share months down the road : )

2016 has been a year full of twists and turns.  All in all, it wasn’t too bad.  It brought the start to a new journey that will bring good changes to life.  Staying stagnant is very, very boring 😛  I’d been feeling restless for a while and wanted to see what more was out there too.

2017 is the Year of the Rooster, so those born in the Year of the Snake should have an easier time.  I’m working on the new blog now, so it will be unveiled in 2017 too!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Adrift with ecstacy

Adrift is located opposite the hotel Tower 2 elevator at Marina Bay Sands.  It used to be known as Fuse, a chic bar with a live band.  Then it was converted into a Japanese fusion food restaurant.  I’m always up to trying new food, especially anything Japanese!!!


Another day, another bodycon dress 😛  I absolutely adore them! 😛

The menu isn’t large, but the food is tasty and relatively healthy.


So I had the tuna tartare, cauliflower fritters with mashed yuzu and roasted sweet potatoes.  That’s a yuzu sake cocktail with crushed ice there too! 😛


Divine lobster roll.


And a sorbet dessert!

Yup!  Like I wrote previously, you can still indulge your sweet tooth even after embracing a healthier lifestyle.  But your body will also reap the benefits of fresh food and balanced meals.  So what are you waiting for?  All you need to do is take that first baby step towards a better quality life : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon