Boxing Day fun!

The niece enjoyed the dance session over Christmas so much, she didn’t mind sacrificing her morning swim to learn dance again on Boxing Day!  So Cherry, Noe and I headed to Chinese Swimming Club for a day of activities.

My new striking blue Asics shoes!  They’re so cute, right? 😀

While Cherry hit the treadmill for a power walk, Noe and I did some Latin American dance steps.  I showed her how to sway properly and put together a simple dance.  She loved it!  The session left her exhausted, so while waiting for Cherry, we amused ourselves by making silly faces.

She got 4 bottles of nail polish for Christmas.  I’d ordered them because they change colours according to the temperature!

I threatened to send these photos to Kelly, but Noe screamed no because she didn’t want her daddy posting them up in Facebook 😛  Why not?  They’re hilarious! 😛

When Cherry was done, we had lunch – buffet again – at Manzhu Cafe.

My share 😛  You see?  Size 0 women don’t necessarily starve themselves to be thin.  Some of us maintain a healthy weight and slim physique by being active and moving about a lot.  We also don’t eat junk food all the time.  There’s no special secret nor magic formula.

Noe had 2 bowling sessions as a treat.  After that, she had a round at the arcade games.  By then, Cherry and I were exhausted.  Noe was getting a wee bit tired thanks to the dancing!  It was good news for her parents as it meant she would sleep early and soundly 😛

It was a great day.  I sent the photos to R, who’s now enjoying his vacation in Peru.  I’m so jealous 😛  But he texted me during his flight and almost daily, sharing with me the beautiful sunsets and morning skies.  We’ve grown pretty close : )

The New Year will soon arrive.  Any resolutions?  I’ll share mine soon!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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