Buffet buffet buffet!

Ahh yes, the festive period.  The time to enjoy delicious meals with our loved ones.  My cousin Kelly, his wife Cherry and my little niece Noe, squeezed in a buffet lunch at Brazil Churrasco before visiting Grandma.

I’m loving the slight weight gain.  I feel more radiant and have received compliments!  Like I shared in an earlier entry, I did it for health reasons.  Looking better is the icing on the cake and the compliments are a happy bonus!  In fact, a friend just said the above photo is really nice! 😀

K was really into the meats.  You can have as much as you want.  There’s a bar where you can help yourself to the pasta, potatoes, rice and assorted veggies.  We see families and friends here, tucking into fragrant lamb, beef, smoked duck, chicken and fish!

I usually start with the bar.  So here are egg mayo, shrimp with bok choy, pumpkin, scrambled eggs, chilled roasted capsicums and mushrooms.  Then came the meats!!!

Oh gawd, lamb.  And the best part was the fat.

Smoked duck breast.


This is my portion, i.e. yes, I ate all of it myself.  Everybody else had their own portions.  I’ve mentioned countless times before that maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t mean starving nor a lifetime of nibbling on kale and celery.  The body positive liars have pulled off a massive con job there.

Being a size 0 doesn’t immediately make somebody anorexic.  An anorexia sufferer wouldn’t dream of eating what I do, nor the amount I do.  I don’t spend hours in the gym either, but I make time for regular exercise and move a lot daily.  That’s it.  No magic formula, no fad diets, no magic pill.  Just lots of fresh and nutritious food.

Cherry eats the same way.  Both of us radiate good health although we have different body types and skeletal frames.  We are energetic, we love moving and we enjoy wearing pretty clothes!  After losing weight, Cherry is proudly flaunting her curves in sexy fitted tops and mini skirts!

Bottomline is, buffets are nothing to be afraid of if we eat in moderation, we choose fresh and nutritious dishes and we remain active.  Cherry’s a proud size 4.  I’m a size 0.  We eat.  We have buffets.  But we lead relatively healthy lives.

So can you.  Merry Christmas!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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