2 kilo weight gain – before and after

I’ve deliberately gained a little weight.  2 kilos or about 4.4lbs.  I’d always been at the lowest end of a healthy weight range for my height and skeletal frame.  However, there wasn’t any buffer for those rare times I fell sick or suffered from food poisoning.  I ended up underweight and looked horrible.

So I put on 2 kilos on purpose to provide that buffer for my body.  To do this, I ate like a cow.  It worked; my body thickened quite a bit.  I’m pretty small-boned so the weight gain was bloody obvious.  Mission accomplished.  My next goal was to convert the excess flesh to lean muscle.

To do this, I had to switch up my routine and get even more active.  In 2 weeks, I achieved some results.  The horrific big belly is (thankfully) gone.  Moving more isn’t a problem since my nature isn’t sedentary.  I get so bored and sleepy when forced to sit for extended periods of time.

Whilst there’re people who prefer watching telly, reading or writing to moving about, I’m not 1 of them.  They have the right to decide what to do with their lives and, if they’re honest that weight loss isn’t their priority, I respect their choice and frankness.

My fitness and mobility are top priority.  I’ll always make time for being active, regardless of how busy my days get.  If it means sacrificing time used for blogging or the telly, so be it.  If it means waking up earlier, so be it.  I’ll just switch things round a bit to accommodate the changes in my routine.

If we want something enough, there will always be time for it.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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