Christmas indulgence

Argh.  I’m so going to watch my waistline VERY closely.  Buffet meals like what I had with Simon can cause unnecessary weight gain, especially during the festive season 😛  We caught up at Basilico, at Level 2 at the Regent Hotel.

So pretty!  It’s a refreshing change from the many, many, MANY Christmas trees and Santas.  Simon just HAD to be photographed with it!

The buffet spread was pretty scrumptious.

Catching up was great.  Simon was complaining that both he and his wife are getting fat.  She’s been exercising to lose some weight whereas he confessed to being too lazy although he’s considering buying a treadmill so that he can exercise at home.

I don’t think he’s fat, but he’s thickened around his middle and, for someone who’s always been thin, he found the change unacceptable.  I’m just glad that both he and his wife are making healthy changes to their lifestyles.

Christmas is a time for merrymaking.  As long as we indulge in moderation, we’ll be able enjoy ourselves without worrying too much about weight gain.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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