Aww, poor butthurt Amy Schumer!

Well!  As if the public hasn’t seen enough examples of Amy Schumer’s hypocrisy, she now labels all those who asked her to keep her word and leave the US after Trump got elected president ‘disgusting’!  Worse, she continued to insult Trump supporters as if we need a vulgar bitch to enlighten us.

Puhlease, @amyschumer *facepalm*  You and the likes of attention-seeking, vulgar you, give true blue, old-school, feminists a bad name.  You’re an insult to the truly strong women I know and respect who work tirelessly to improve the lives of impoverished and abused women in other parts of the world.

The feminists I count as friends are classy and refined.  So why should I listen to the vitriol spewing out of your flapper lips which are as loose as some other part of your anatomy that you love talking about and I would rather not hear of?

I’m so BUTThurt that you really want me to leave!  You assholes!  You’re supposed to love me!

Strong women, true feminists, wouldn’t be butthurt over something so trivial as people not liking them. Their egos are not so over-inflated as @amyschumer because there’re far more important things to care about, such as building wells to supply clean water and arranging for free medical care for destitute women.

The feminists I know don’t need to flaunt their sexuality.  They know that gender equality means, just as promiscuous men are despised by society, it’s only right that the same treatment extends to promiscuous women and @amyschumer loves bragging about being able to catch a [censored] anytime despite her hefty body.

So to Amy and her other pseudo-feminist brats, go to hell.  You insult the women who genuinely work for the interests of other women.  You and the likes of attention-seeking, vulgar you, are into feminism for your respective self-serving agendas.  For that, a big eff you, from me, to you.  I don’t respect you.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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