Amy Schumer and the Barbie role

Once again, Amy Schumer is in headline after headline.  News broke that she was in talks to play Barbie and some people didn’t think she fit the role.  She completely freaked out and lashed out at them in Instagram, made this a fat shaming issue blahblahblah yawn………

Amy Amy Amy, when will you ever learn?  Precious few women with universal aesthetic appeal exist – and they’re all Victoria’s Secret Angels.  The rest of us just need to make the most of what we have, that’s all *shrug*  Besides, there’s a Curvy Barbie, isn’t there?  With all your talk about body positivity, why didn’t you proudly point that out?

I’m extremely puzzled by Amy’s reaction towards the public.  These are folks she depends on to watch the movie and make it a blockbuster.  Why let that plus size ego get in her way of being a role model for all women?  It just alienates her from the rest of us.  I don’t find her endearing at all.

I don’t think Amy fits the Barbie role either, even Curvy Barbie.  Barbie is feminine, refined and classy – everything Amy is not.  In fact, the magnificent Ashley Graham would make a far better Curvy Barbie.  She has the curves, she’s beautiful and she oozes poise.

As for Amy, before she runs her plus size mouth off yet again, maybe she out to look to Ashley Graham for lessons about body positivity.  Both are heavy ladies, but the latter isn’t only fiesty, she’s refined and polished.  Amy, in contrast, is vulgar and crass.

Really, I wonder what is wrong with celebrities nowadays.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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