A wedding! :D

Well, not just any wedding.  This was the best wedding I’ve ever attended because… the groom is my little brother! 😀  It’s surreal to realise that my baby brother (yes, although he’s all grown up) will soon start a family of his own.

At the banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel, the family busied ourselves mingling and chatting with the guests until all were seated at their respective tables.

In the middle of the dinner, while speeches were being given, I suddenly felt a lump in my throat.  I never understood why people cried when they were happy as, when I was happy, I was happy!  But this, this was different…

It was pure, unadulterated JOY.  I was so happy for him and his lovely wife.  We toasted her and formally welcomed her into the family.  They certainly make a great couple and complement each other well : )

Cherry looked great in the powder blue peplum dress I gave her.  She loves it!  We’ve been planning what we would wear for weeks!  As expected, at the last minute, we changed our minds 😛

My baby brother is all grown up now.  I wish them happiness forever.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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