The Law of Attraction resonates so well because it’s based on the principle that I know, therefore I am.  We know our worlds the way we live them from day to day.  When armed with the knowledge that we can improve ourselves and our lots in life, what we know is changed and elevated.

This is the reason I’m sharing my experience with you.  So you know what it’s like to take the plunge and experience something foreign and yet, has benefitted many before us.  LOA is challenging.  You may lose people close to you and that’s disconcerting, but here’s the deal.

When you lose those people, you free up space in your life for people who’re more aligned with you.  You tell the universe, “C’mon, I want something better!”  Well, guess what, the universe will comply!  Once you know what you want, summon the courage to take the step and guess what, destiny will deliver.


Once I took the first step and saw results, I knew it was possible to have what I want.  As long as we show the universe that we reject those people or things that don’t meet our standards, more and more folks who DO meet our standards will appear.

From experience, those who appear are of higher quality, especially when we know that we deserve better and we demonstrate by taking action.  The reverse is also true.  If lower standards are all we know, we accept our lots in life and get stuck in a status quo that doesn’t bring satisfaction.

Our lives can change once we know there’s something better out there.  It’s up to us to apply this knowledge so that our dreams become reality and don’t simply stay dreams.  This is LOA : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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