LOA and body positivity

I’ll start this entry with a quote which I find very true.

This is the reason I followed body positivity.  It’s a mindset which affects a lot of people and, matter of fact is, it is spreading.  There’re parts of body positivity that I agree with – spreading confidence.  It encourages people to take the step towards leading a happier life.

I’ve also stated in this blog that I don’t agree with body positivity as well.  This is because, to me, it influences the fat and obese people to accept status quo when they can actually take the step to improve their quality of life and health.

Even worse, body positive activists are telling people to lower the bar.  You need to accept what is a lower standard as attractive.  What in the world is this?! :O  The reason there’re still people objecting to this is, like me, we believe in raising the bar and not lowering our expectations at all.  This is how we improve our lives!


Similarly, I get very upset when told that I need to lower my standards and expectations.  I do my level best to improve and raise myself so why should I accept any less than the very best?  This includes how people treat me.  When I see how others treat me with respect and are prepared to give me the very best, how can I accept anything less and be happy?

Kai told me a long time before never to settle and he’s right.  If we settle for second best, we’ll never truly find happiness.  Once I started eliminating the people who expected me to accept substandard treatment, I freed up the space in my life for those who’ll push me to a higher level.

And here is how it ties in with the Law of Attraction.  I am a quality person.  I only deserve the best.  I want nothing but the best.  I want winners in my life.  Guess what?  The universe is delivering.  Body positivity doesn’t have much of a place in my life except, I did the work, I’m proud of my effort and  body.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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