1 of the most important contributions the Law Of Attraction has made in my life is the setting and reinforcing of personal boundaries.  I’ve had to do this and, although it made certain people dear to me unhappy, I had to stand firm.

I need to be treated the way I want to be treated in order to be happy.  I was prepared to lose these people for the sake of my own well being.  Instead, my time is better spent on those who’re prepared to honour my personal boundaries and respect them.  I feel good when I interact with them and willingly return the goodwill.

I communicated clearly how I expect them to treat me and if they aren’t prepared to honour this, they’re instantly dropped with the promise that if they respect my wishes, they’re welcome into my life again.  Once I took action, it became easier for me to reinforce my personal boundaries again and again : )

R has been practising LOA and he’s been really delightful!  After establishing and reinforcing my boundaries, I then proceeded to ask people for what I want and, guess what, I got whatever I asked for!  They willingly gave it! 😀

After experiencing this, it’s easier to drop the people who react negatively towards my attempts to assert myself and stand my ground.  I’m definitely more than willing to be nice to people who give and reciprocate the kindness and respect.

This is the wonderful experience I’ve had with LOA and I want to experience more of it.  I’m going to share it with Antho, who I’ll meet tomorrow and R, when we meet next Saturday!  Can you tell I’m feeling good yet? 😛

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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