My first client!

Well, well, well!  Imagine, someone with no fitness qualifications, no experience whatsoever, got hired to train somebody!  Yup yup, I got my first client.  He was convinced after seeing the success I had with Cherry and my beautician.

From frumpy on the left to the hottie on the right today!  Cherry is on the right track by eating fresh food and plenty of it, staying active and moving about more.

My client picked me up yesterday morning and we headed to the gym for some relentless work for an hour.  He was perspiring buckets after we were done and enjoyed it.  We also had short chats during the 1 minute break between sets.

I’m quite excited about this; if it works well, there could be referrals.  It’s a paid hobby; what can be better?  Life is more fun when we do the things we enjoy and time passes quickly too : )

Something else that happened which was good lately is my cousin, Kelly.  I’ll share that soon.  It’s been a little busy lately as I’m trying to apply what I learnt in the self help books.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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