i…….. Steak!

Well, I don’t take beef, but iSteaks is a diner at MyVillage in Serangoon.  They serve very reasonably-priced Aussie beef, lamb, chicken, sausages and fish.  Portions are pretty generous too!  Kelly and his family introduced me to the place.  It’s back to exploring new places to visit! πŸ˜€

Noe helped us to snap this photo.  Clever girl!  Kelly and Cherry were quite excited to show me the menu and taught me how to order the food.  It’s mostly self service.  We can choose a meat and 2 sides and, if we want, other side dishes for sharing.

I almost went with chicken, but at the very last minute, I saw the lamb T bone.  It was screaming to be eaten and boy, I didn’t regret changing my order.  The lamb was so good, especially the slightly burnt fat!  For sides, I chose the mashed potato and creamed spinach.  The latter was da bomb!

We shared some sausages too.  I was completely bloated by the end of the meal *burp*

Kelly rolled his eyes at Cherry and I fooling around and told us to quit acting like high school girls haha πŸ˜›  But we had a lot of fun doing that πŸ˜›  He also rolled his eyes when we gawked at wedge heels.  Those shoes are friggin’ gorgeous with shorts and mini skirts.  I’m thinking of buying a pair πŸ˜›

Cherry is another who said I look better nowadays.  Happier, more radiant, more energised.  Perhaps.  I no longer feel drained.  I have more restful sleep.  And it shows!  I’ll share more tomorrow what Tere Tere said when we bumped into each other : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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