Remember I mentioned in the TLC post that there were others who readily offered support following the setback?  Well, N, who I casually dated for a short while about 8 years ago and who remains a friend was another who helped me back to my feet : )

Today, the cheeky fella dropped me the text below.  There’s more now but I can’t share it since he’s talking about his family stuff.  Still, it’s good to keep in touch.  He and the rest made sure they checked that I was doing fine regularly.  If not for them, I might not have bounced back as quickly : )

Anyway, I got a new haircut called ’round layers’.  To be honest, I don’t see much difference 😛  However, in 2 weeks, I’ll return to the salon to add some highlights especially for Bro’s wedding.  It’s in less than a month and all I can talk about now!  I’m looking forward to dressing up pretty and going to the hotel!

Dad recently had a health checkup.  After finally adopting my eating habits, his liver cysts shrank to half their previous size.  He also has pretty good numbers so I’m glad for him.  Good grief, we had so many disagreements because his stupid ego wouldn’t let him admit that he was wrong! *faint*

Cherry and I have made some adjustments to our exercise routines in preparation for Bro’s wedding.  Think we’ll trade more news when we do lunch this weekend, after I meet Zhou : )

Life is good now, over a month after the setback. I’m kinda glad it happened : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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