Can’t blame a guy for trying his luck :P

Cat told me before that the reason I don’t stay hung up on an ex is because there’re other dudes who’re keen to date me whereas she doesn’t.  In a way, it’s true.  So here’s an example.

K has been in touch and we spoke about fitness.  He mentioned he wants to work on his core as it isn’t very strong.  So he reached out for help.  We’re working on an exercise regime for him, as well as focusing on food.  He may want to venture into this during his retirement and after seeing Cherry’s and my beautician’s results, he’s keen to partner up with me.

And cheeky man that he is………

We can love our exes enough to try our best but if they don’t appreciate us enough and are so ready to leave, why keep them?  If they’re really that worth it, they wouldn’t be our exes, right?

Why not give somebody else the opportunity to love us the way we want to be loved?  Granted, not every guy who’s interested is the right one, but sometime down the road, the right one will appear.  In the meantime, we just need to enjoy life.

By taking care of ourselves, others will see us as an asset they want in their lives.  By treating us accordingly (as an asset), they take care of our self esteem too.  Once you do the work and have dudes wanting to try their luck with you, you won’t waste time holding onto exes who think they’re better off without you.

The truth is, you’re better off without them too!  Chin up and get working!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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