The accidental princess

Well, not quite so accidental but here’s my niece being silly and completely endearing : )

We were back at Brazil Churrasco for a meat fix.  I had to pass Cherry some clothes.  She was very excited since she wanted to wear 2 of them for my brother’s wedding.  Since I’ve started to give her bodycon dresses, she’s been exercising fervently in order to wear them 😛

We got talking about the wedding preparations enthusiastically.  I showed her what I’ll be wearing too.  A red bodycon from Armani for the day and a metallic grey Miss Selfridge bandage dress for the dinner.

I just realised I need to buy shoes.  If not, the nude Ferragamo pumps will do for the day and red Gucci strappy stilettos at night.  Now for that damn hair.  I’ve been thinking of some highlights for a change : )

Started out with healthy food before the meat onslaught.  I nearly puked when I realised the bright orange chunks weren’t sweet potato but papaya.  Gross.  The rest were delicious, especially the pumpkin!

We were supposed to head to Batam but I had to renew my passport.  It was a lucky escape as, a few days before what was supposed to be our weekend getaway, somebody threw molotov cocktails after a land dispute went awry in Court.  The molotov cocktails missed the target and landed on the roofs of some houses.

Guess we’ll have to wait a while before going.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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