Imma busy busy lil’ bee

So we’re nearing the end of November.  I’ve bought the dresses for my brother’s wedding.  I still need to decide what shoes to go with the outfits, whether I need new jewellery and touch up my hair this weekend.  The new part-time maid comes tomorrow, yay!

Next weekend, I’ll meet Zhou on Saturday night.  Since we live quite close to each other, he suggested we have drinks and some food in our area.  I’ve wanted to visit 1 of the bars for some time but never had the chance.  So yup, we’ll confirm the time closer to the date.

Next Sunday, I’ll catch up with K, Cherry and Noe.  Grandma’s birthday is right before my brother’s wedding and I want their input regarding how to beautify her room.  They were quite keen to go shopping with me for the decorations.

Dad’s birthday also falls in December, so Mummy, Bro and I will take him out for lunch and/or dinner.  Then there’re Christmas and New Year preparations too!  Time always flies when we keep busy.  I like flitting in and out of the house and staying active 😛

I’ll spend time with some friends and catch up during this period so although it’ll be busybusybusy, I’ll also have a ton of fun : )  In fact, I’m looking forward to the festive period and family celebrations.

I’m also thinking of stuff for the new blog once 2017 arrives, so do check back for the new URL.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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