What is the sweetest revenge?

When Cat was hurt by a guy she was seeing, she was consumed by thoughts of revenge.  She entertained the possibility of telling his business partner, sending a message to his new girlfriend and more.  I spent a lot of time trying to dissuade her.

For over 6 months, Cat tormented herself stalking the guy’s Facebook page.  She couldn’t sleep.  She couldn’t eat.  She lost a lot of weight but not in a healthy manner.  And for what?  Was the torture worth it and, more importantly, was the guy worth it?

No man is worth it, no matter how much we may have loved them.  Why waste our lives letting ourselves go, ruining our looks and engaging in behaviour detrimental to our own wellbeing for somebody else who hurt us?

What is the best revenge?  Cutting those who harmed us out of our lives.  They no longer deserve the privilege of our time nor respect.  Getting our lives back in order.  Continuing to look good, take care of ourselves and get back to being happy.

And the best of the best revenge?

Forgetting about these people.  The more time we spend focusing on revenge, the less time we’re devoting to what is most important – taking good care of ourselves, living well and bouncing back to being happy.

Day by day, I’m leaving the setback behind me.  I’ve spent time reading how to improve/better myself.  I’ve kept up with regular exercise, eat well and get adequate sleep.  I’ve worked at laughing and smiling more.  The positivity helps.  A lot.

For over 6 months, Cat sank into depression.  In less than a month, I’ve moved on sufficiently from the setback to gaining back self esteem.  Yup, something failed, so what?  At least if a fresh opportunity presents itself down the road, I’m better equipped to make it more successful.

And boy does that feel good : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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