TLC at Basilico!

When we hit a rough patch, we feel better by………

Getting people to feed us TLC and we know they won’t say no to us because they lurrrrrve us to bits! 😛  Enter the Lees, good friends who don’t hesitate to dote on yours truly!

We caught up at Basilico at the Regent Hotel for a nice long chat over delicious food.  Finally, I had the chance to wear this sexy fuschia dress!

There was a lot to talk about.  We traded news about one another’s lives and those we know.  Ms Ah will deliver a baby boy soon, so the Lees kept me up to date about their preparations for the birth.

Basilico serves a semi buffet dinner.  Appetisers and desserts are buffet style.  Then we order a main course from the menu.  The cold cuts were delicious, particularly the vinegar marinated sardines.

Zhiwei kept laughing at some of the comments and jokes Ms Ah and I made.  It was quite an entertaining night for us.  Ms Ah said she’ll be happy to have me over at their place after her confinement : )

Friends.  They lift up our spirits every single time : )  More TLC coming right up!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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