Erm, Monday blues?

After greeting Alvin good morning, I asked, “The mood is worst at the start of the week, yah?”  Erm, apparently not.  He asked why! :O  Surely everybody gets the Monday blues, right?

So I asked Raymond whether he gets the blues.  Erm, no!!! :O  The irritating man went on to ask what blues I had – jazz?  Lame 😛  Heck, doesn’t anyone get the Monday blues anymore?  Like, the beginning of the week sucks because it’s such a long wait till the weekend arrives?

Feeling so alone with the Monday blues *sob*

Anyhoo, it’s another 5 days of slogging before the fun begins again.  I need to get some stuff after work today, which is good.  Time will pass more quickly 😛

I’ll fill you guys in about what I’ve been up to in later entries.  In the meantime, hang in there.  Begin the countdown to the weekend again.  Had a good time last Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll share the activities soon!


Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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