I came across the Law of Attraction by accident.  Well, perhaps it was meant to be.  I wanted to improve and be the best version of myself and that was when I first learnt of the principle.

Essentially the LOA states that we attract whatever vibes we send out to the world because like attracts like.  The state we’re in will reflect back to us.  So what have I been doing?  I’m working on looking for positive things in my life daily.

Guess what, it’s working!  I recently started practising it and already I’m in a better place.  I work at bringing joy and laughter to whoever comes into contact with me and they really do respond in the same manner!

We can have whatever we want as long as we do the work.  Applying the LOA to my life yielded results and this is only the beginning.  I’ve included my parents in this and so far, it improved our relationship and their marriage as well!  At least they are united by being supportive of me!

In order to fully reap the benefits of LOA, we need to have the faith that it will work.  We need to want what we want enough.  Once we’re prepared to give it a try and commit to it, it really does reflect back to us.  Seeing the results only makes us want to try even more : )

If any of you are practising LOA in your lives, do get in touch.  I would be happy to hear from you.  Let’s lift one another up.  Heck, the new blog will be all the good that LOA does in my life!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


My first client!

Well, well, well!  Imagine, someone with no fitness qualifications, no experience whatsoever, got hired to train somebody!  Yup yup, I got my first client.  He was convinced after seeing the success I had with Cherry and my beautician.

From frumpy on the left to the hottie on the right today!  Cherry is on the right track by eating fresh food and plenty of it, staying active and moving about more.

My client picked me up yesterday morning and we headed to the gym for some relentless work for an hour.  He was perspiring buckets after we were done and enjoyed it.  We also had short chats during the 1 minute break between sets.

I’m quite excited about this; if it works well, there could be referrals.  It’s a paid hobby; what can be better?  Life is more fun when we do the things we enjoy and time passes quickly too : )

Something else that happened which was good lately is my cousin, Kelly.  I’ll share that soon.  It’s been a little busy lately as I’m trying to apply what I learnt in the self help books.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Feeling free, being happy and looking good

There’re times where we put up with unhappy circumstances for far too long, until we have an ‘AHAH!’ moment.  The setback was what eventually triggered the epiphany.  I accepted that no matter how hard I tried, the situation wouldn’t change.

We can’t control other people; we can only control ourselves.  If they don’t want to change, then we need to take charge of our own lives and make the necessary changes to achieve the destiny we want.

Sometimes the change involves letting go of the unhappy circumstances and redirecting our efforts into preparing ourselves for the time when a fresh new chance for success comes along.

Finally, I walked away from the unhappy circumstances.  During this time, I did the work of leaving the setback in the past and focused on the changes I need to make in order to prepare for the fresh new chance in future and it will come once I’m ready.

I’ve started putting the self help stuff into practice.  If the old ways don’t work, why continue knocking our heads against the wall?  Wouldn’t it be better to cut our losses and focus on creating the changes to achieve what we want?

It’s still early days.  I’ll need a lot of practice.  But at least there’s something else I can try and, hopefully, it helps me grow as a person.  This was where I was at when Tere and I bumped into each other 2 days ago.  “Looking better and better!” he exclaimed, “And your hourglass shape is coming out!”

Life will get better too : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

i…….. Steak!

Well, I don’t take beef, but iSteaks is a diner at MyVillage in Serangoon.  They serve very reasonably-priced Aussie beef, lamb, chicken, sausages and fish.  Portions are pretty generous too!  Kelly and his family introduced me to the place.  It’s back to exploring new places to visit! 😀

Noe helped us to snap this photo.  Clever girl!  Kelly and Cherry were quite excited to show me the menu and taught me how to order the food.  It’s mostly self service.  We can choose a meat and 2 sides and, if we want, other side dishes for sharing.

I almost went with chicken, but at the very last minute, I saw the lamb T bone.  It was screaming to be eaten and boy, I didn’t regret changing my order.  The lamb was so good, especially the slightly burnt fat!  For sides, I chose the mashed potato and creamed spinach.  The latter was da bomb!

We shared some sausages too.  I was completely bloated by the end of the meal *burp*

Kelly rolled his eyes at Cherry and I fooling around and told us to quit acting like high school girls haha 😛  But we had a lot of fun doing that 😛  He also rolled his eyes when we gawked at wedge heels.  Those shoes are friggin’ gorgeous with shorts and mini skirts.  I’m thinking of buying a pair 😛

Cherry is another who said I look better nowadays.  Happier, more radiant, more energised.  Perhaps.  I no longer feel drained.  I have more restful sleep.  And it shows!  I’ll share more tomorrow what Tere Tere said when we bumped into each other : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Confidence booster!

There ain’t nothing like a compliment to start off the day!

With renewed confidence and a buoyant step, people are reacting to me in an awesome manner.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been reading voraciously, especially self help and motivational stuff.  The future looks pretty rosy; I’m cautiously optimistic about what 2017 will bring : )

I intend to spend more time with people who tell me yes rather than telling me no.  They’re more enjoyable company and better for my self esteem.  This will ensure I’m happy most of the time.  Life is too short to feel miserable and deprived of what I want.

I’m catching up with Wei Ming this week before he goes on a 2-week extended break.  Soooooo jealous!  Once my passport is ready, I’m going on a vacation too 😛  Speaking of which, I’d better call Immigration.  I still haven’t received the notice to collect my passport.

I’ll also meet Karen in December so my weekends will be pretty good : )  Now that there’s the license to play, why not live it up a little?  Heck, live it up a lot! 😛

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


Remember I mentioned in the TLC post that there were others who readily offered support following the setback?  Well, N, who I casually dated for a short while about 8 years ago and who remains a friend was another who helped me back to my feet : )

Today, the cheeky fella dropped me the text below.  There’s more now but I can’t share it since he’s talking about his family stuff.  Still, it’s good to keep in touch.  He and the rest made sure they checked that I was doing fine regularly.  If not for them, I might not have bounced back as quickly : )

Anyway, I got a new haircut called ’round layers’.  To be honest, I don’t see much difference 😛  However, in 2 weeks, I’ll return to the salon to add some highlights especially for Bro’s wedding.  It’s in less than a month and all I can talk about now!  I’m looking forward to dressing up pretty and going to the hotel!

Dad recently had a health checkup.  After finally adopting my eating habits, his liver cysts shrank to half their previous size.  He also has pretty good numbers so I’m glad for him.  Good grief, we had so many disagreements because his stupid ego wouldn’t let him admit that he was wrong! *faint*

Cherry and I have made some adjustments to our exercise routines in preparation for Bro’s wedding.  Think we’ll trade more news when we do lunch this weekend, after I meet Zhou : )

Life is good now, over a month after the setback. I’m kinda glad it happened : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

McDonald’s is fine!

Fastfood chains like McDonald’s have been blamed and made scapegoats thanks to the obesity epidemic.  Yet, there’re many customers who eat there and manage to remain a healthy weight.

Ler bought me a meal there for helping him out at work.  It was supposed to be Happy Meal treat (yeah yeah, I’m still a kid at heart :P) but at the last minute, I changed my mind and had the McWings meal instead.  No, I didn’t upsize (or supersize in other countries) the meal.

For the record, I have McDonald’s on a weekly basis.  Everything in moderation is fine.  Life is too short to deprive ourselves when there’s so much delicious food.  All we need is discipline and self control.  Do we prioritise health or momentary pleasure?

I love food.  I love it like you won’t bloody believe it.  But I like feeling active and agile more.  I like feeling light and fresh more.  I also like the confidence maintaining a healthy weight brings.  Being able to wear bodycon dresses without a basketball belly makes me feel great.

It’s a choice.  We can decide whether we want to sacrifice our waistlines for the fleeting pleasures of overeating or eat in moderation and feel great all the time.  As far as I’m concerned, the choice is clear.  Always has been clear.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon