Barbara Corcoran – strong and feminine

I’m crazy about Shark Tank!  Each episode is so addictive and, not only that, there are 5 brilliant minds making shrewd deals with budding entrepreneurs hoping to make it big.  When they fight one another to finance a business, we can catch a glimpse of their genius.

Out of these 5 sharks, only 1 is a woman and that’s Barbara Corcoran.  She’s calm.  She doesn’t lose her cool when nasty Kevin insulted her.  She’s confident when she offers deals.  Her gaze can intimidate grown men.  But inside her is still a very warm heart.  We can see it with old people or someone with a moving story.

She’s a very accomplished woman but she retains her femininity.  She may be old, but she takes pride in her appearance.  Her outfits are immaculate.  I adore the gold necklace she wears in Shark Tank.  She plays the part of a Shark.  She looks the part of a Shark.  A very feminine shark!


Barbara Corcoran more than holds her own against the 4 other sharks and she does it in such a classy manner, it’s impossible to fault her.  For all those modern feminists screaming about being strong, intelligent and independent, they’re not even half as capable as she is.

If anyone wants to morph into a strong and independent woman, Barbara Corcoran is a fantastic role model.  This woman has millions.  MILLIONS.  Nothing the male Sharks say about her capability has deterred her from cutting fantastic deals.

Barbara does all that while still retaining her femininity.  She kicks ass while still looking great.  And she’s a wonderful example of a strong, independent, capable and RICH woman who can still be feminine.  So can you.  I’m totally in awe of her!

Wishing you fun,



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