Why Americans should vote for Trump

Millions of international eyes are fixed on the US presidential elections.  My man and I haven’t been able to follow as closely as we would’ve liked, but we did manage to catch the drama between the Donald and Hillary Clinton.  From unpleasant comments to deleted emails, the mud-slinging has gotten vicious! 😛

Why would Singaporeans care about American politics?  Well, some of us have American spouses.  Some of us have fond memories of having lived/worked/vacationed in this beautiful country.  But many of us know that the state of the US economy affects many other countries, including ours.

Sure, Americans can disregard my opinion since I can’t vote anyway (my vote would’ve gone to Trump, just so you know :P).  But remember, it’s the welfare of your nation at stake and you need to vote with your head, not your heart.


Yes, the Donald made some obnoxious remarks.  Sure, they’re extremely offensive to people, including women.  But let’s not forget, the country is in debt.  Massive debt.  The economy isn’t doing well.  And in order to have even the slimmest glimmer of hope of restoring the US to its former glory, you need a business person who knows money.

I’m not saying that Hillary Clinton isn’t good.  She’s done good things.  She has some very solid support.  But a business person who knows money like Mr Trump stands a far better chance at turning things around for the country.  If you vote with your heart, the US economy may have a slower recovery or worse, no recovery at all, until the next election.

Are you going to sacrifice the welfare of the nation, as well as your own and your family’s, just because you’re offended?  I leave the decision to you.  But if it were down to these 2, I’m sorry Hillary Clinton.  You’re a fantastically strong and capable woman, but I’ll have to go with the Donald.

Wishing you fun,



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