Body positivity and the YOU CAN mentality

A comment another cousin, Jie Wan, made recently, helped me think of how body positivity can actually be more uplifting than demoralising.  Telling women to love themselves and develop their confidence (which is great!) aside, there’s still a lot of negative language used.

Diets don’t work.

95% of people who lose weight can’t keep it off.

You have to starve in order to be thin.

Healthy eating is boring.

Why torment yourself just to lose weight?

See all those negative words in bold?

How can body positivity truly be encouraging when they’re filled with such depressing words?  Honestly, if I’d taken these lies to heart, I wouldn’t have gotten my healthy lifestyle back in order.  So now I’ll share what my thoughts were when I decided enough moping was enough moping.


There’re many activities I still CAN do.

Once I eat healthily again, I’ll have MORE energy.

With sufficient nutrients in my food, I WILL derive more health benefits.

I’ll be ABLE to help others get healthier.

I’ll have more RADIANT skin.

See the difference?  Body positivity should genuinely be positive, not a thinly veiled attempt to spread negativity in order to prevent others from doing what would potentially benefit them.  It should be uplifting and encouraging so that people thrive on the support enough to TRY.  And TRY and TRY again.

I don’t care if people are plus size, fat size or obese size.  Whatever damn size you are, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re doing something to improve your life.  And the sooner you ignore those negative words, the sooner you CAN and WILL be more confident and happier.

This is my version of body positivity and it has worked for some.  Do you want to sit back and echo the negativity or do you want to counter it by spreading positivity instead?  Real positivity.  The choice is yours.

Wishing you fun,



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