Why I support Ashley Graham and so should you

Ashley Graham has been the poster child for the body positive community and curvy women for some time now.  Not only does she have a breathtakingly beautiful face, she’s 1 helluva gutsy lady!  2 incidents this year only served to increase my respect for this fiery lass.

The first was her response to Amy Schumer’s hypocritical protest at being included in Glamour magazine together with other plus sized celebrities.  As mentioned in an earlier entry, I would be thrilled to be included as an inspiration to plus sized women.  I would be thrilled to know they relate to me.

But oh no, not Little Ms Sensitive Amy Schumer.  She took to Twitter and enlisted the help of her fans to attack Glamour.  Ashley Graham certainly set her straight there, calling her out on her double standards.  Yay Ashley!  Boo, Amy Schumer and your plus sized mouth.


The second incident happened when the proudly plus sized beauty posted a photo of herself in Balmain.  She looked confident and sassy and it was such a shame her fans ruined it by accusing her of losing weight after hitting the mainstream.  Hello?  So what if she did?  Her response was all class.

1 of the comments, in particular, was telling.  “You think skinny is prettier.”  If these fans were truly body positive, they wouldn’t widen the divide between skinny and fat.  You wouldn’t be protesting about her losing weight as if being thinner is a bad thing.

Don’t tell us that body positivity is inclusive when you’re trying to exclude.  Don’t champion Ashley only when it makes YOU feel better, even if it’s at the expense of women at healthy weight.  She’s championed you guys for years.  Shouldn’t you reciprocate by supporting her whether she wants to get healthier or not???


This bunch of body positive hypocrites makes me sick and they’re the reason some people remain against the movement.  You, like Amy Schumer, claim you’re body positive, but turn around and exclude thin women, the same way Little Ms Sensitive made fun of Taylor Swift’s thigh gap.

Take a leaf out of Ashley’s book.  Perhaps you’ll eventually become a confident, classy lady, plus sized or not.

Wishing you fun,



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