My health journey – before and after

I’d written about Cherry’s and my beautician’s weight loss story, but I never shared my own health journey.  When my spine injury worsened, I had to give up the activities I enjoyed – roller blading, canoeing and basketball.  I was depressed and let myself go.

However, Dad’s triple bypass in 2008 was the hard wake-up call I needed.  There was no use feeling sorry for myself.  If I wanted to be around for my folks longer and enjoy their company, if I wanted to help them get healthier, then I had to start doing something about it.

3 years after, I was still fat but, by then, I had lost weight.  It naturally happened when I started to eat balanced meals and proper, fresh food.  Then I decided to move about even if I could no longer do those activities I enjoyed.  There’re still so many things to do out there.

So here’s the journey.  That was me 5 years ago on the left.  On the right is me now.


When you lose weight in a healthy manner, you’ll not be sick.  Some body positive members write about their drastic weight loss and how ill they were.  I’m not sick.  In fact, Pei Shan said there’s a healthy glow in my skin!  I no longer feel lethargy nor am I depressed.

Sure, my spine injury is permanent and will stay with me.  But that isn’t enough reason to give up, right?  Moping around and throwing pity parties isn’t going to improve anyone’s life.  It certainly didn’t improve mine.  I didn’t want to be a loser.  I wanted to be a winner.  And that was when I threw myself into getting back to a very healthy state.

Today, I’m helping others get healthy.  Those who’re as serious and dedicated as I am to having a better quality life.  If I can do it with this spine injury, then there’s no reason you can’t do better.  You can and I hope you do!

Wishing you fun,



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