Why we should follow fashion rules : )

Modern feminists rant against beauty standards and encourage women to ignore them.  Hashtag campaigns such as #wearwhateveryouwant and #vbo are examples of feminism encouraging women to ditch beauty tips.  Instead, they tell us to flaunt our flaws and hide our assets.

Does any of this make sense to you?  Of course, people can wear what they want, sure.  Nobody has the right to stop them and no one is holding a gun to their heads, coercing them to adhere to fashion rules.  But rebelling against beauty standards comes at a price.  A very hefty price.  Women don’t bother with basic grooming and end up looking sloppy.

Beauty standards and fashion rules have been around for decades and for good reason.  When we bother to groom ourselves, we step out of the house feeling confident.  We interact better with people.  We don’t project our negative body image onto others.


When we follow fashion rules, we don’t risk flaunting what we don’t wish to flaunt.  My body isn’t perfect; fuller boobs would be nice but I don’t want to go under the knife.  This is why you won’t catch me in plunging necklines and, to me, that is perfectly fine.

By following fashion tips, I won’t feel conscious for the rest of the day that I’m exposing my less than perfect boobs.  Instead, I’m quite happy to show a waistline and slim legs and get compliments for them.  These compliments really make my day! : )

So while the body positive activists are doing really good work, here is where I disagree with them.  It’s good to take fashion risks once in a while.  But ignoring fashion rules and beauty standards?  Well, they do so at their own peril.

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10 thoughts on “Why we should follow fashion rules : )

  1. When I was younger, I put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way…I wore make-up daily…I just thought I had to look perfect all the time…constantly fixing my hair, my make-up, adjusting my clothes….its stressful being a woman in today’s pop culture. There is so much pressure on us to look a certain way. It takes a strong woman to challenge pop culture and love herself for the way she was made….beautiful!
    You do feel better when you groom yourself….take a shower, put on clean clothes…but pop culture has caused us to think that beauty means a certain thing and I do not agree with that. You should not have to wear make-up everyday to feel beautiful! Great post! Made me think…
    Please check out my post Beauty Is….I hope you enjoy! I would love your feedback!


    • Hello dearie,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I agree that there isn’t any need to be obsessive about looking a certain way. The pendulum has swung obsessively to the other end, however.

      Some grooming makes us feel great and confident. There should be a balance.

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      • Agreed! It’s the name brands, the obsession over wearing make-up, and looking perfect; plastic surgery and implants…these things have women and men feeling insecure, but there is no perfect human; we all have flaws. I wish we all saw our flaws as beautiful because they are uniquely us!


  2. Well, makeup-wise, I only do the basics. Piling it on clogs facial pores. I don’t have implants either 😛 All I do is keep myself in shape as far as time allows, eat healthy and look neat and presentable.

    I do like designer labels but buy them occasionally. Perhaps, as long as we make an effort, we’ll feel great. Getting obsessive about appearance, however, might lead to insecurity.


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