Clothes are getting larger now

Looks like I’m passing this black dress to Cherry.  It’s supposed to be a bodycon but look at how loose it is! :/  Elsewhere, it’s the same.  Waistlines are getting larger.  At Pomelo, the smallest waistline for a fitted skirt is 26 inches.  That’s still way too big.  The bodycon dress I bought from them, I passed to Cherry because the waist was too loose.


The other day, Yen Ling and I went shopping at Bugis Junction and entered Pur Pur.  The same thing happened – I tried on a pair of shorts and some fitted skirts.  None of the skirts fit properly.  They were alright at the hips, but there was a huge gap at the waist.

The sales staff said that my waist is very small but it’s not.  My measurements haven’t changed; the clothes have just gotten bigger.  Although it does feel sort of gratifying to tell my man that my waist is too small for many skirts and dresses now, in reality, it’s not that I’ve gotten any slimmer.

Over at other retail stores, the clothes are all noticeably larger in size.  Is this a reflection of burgeoning waistlines in Singapore and Asia?  I’m not sure.  I did read, however, of a contest where plus sized men and women competed to be the next models for a plus size line in India.


Even so, bodycon dresses are not supposed to be loose!  If this keeps up, sooner or later, I’ll have to have my clothes tailored.  I suppose it may have to come to that, but I’d rather do so than gain too much weight.  On my frame, fat is not a good look at all.

Wishing you fun,



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