Salads keep us bodycon-ready

All women can wear the bodycon dress and feel sexy, but being a willing slave to beauty standards, I prefer not to have my stomach look like a basketball in something so fitted.  Having salads once a week (which is already very seldom for the truly health conscious) keeps my figure in check so that I feel confident wearing these lovely dresses.


Yen Ling and I tried the salads at Miam Miam, a new restaurant located at Bugis Junction.  She had the Superfood salad, which was all veggies.  I chose the chicken miso salad and a cream of mushroom soup with an onsen egg on the side.  Both were delicious!



I haven’t stopped eating salads.  However, last year I wrote enough about the variety of salads we can choose from if we decide to adopt healthier eating habits.  At the beginning of this year, I promised to show that being healthier doesn’t mean we need to deprive ourselves of the good things in life.

I still haven’t planned what to write about next year, but hopefully you’ll continue to see that consuming more fresh food and being more active will help you lose the weight and maintain the weight loss.  It will also give you more body image confidence.

So if you adhere to beauty standards and wish to be bodycon dress ready, eat those salads!  You don’t need to have them everyday.  I only eat them once a week.  But make sure you have plenty of fresh food and consume junk treats on cheat days.

Wishing you fun,



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