Thin privilege is divisive

I wrote about the thin privilege garbage that the body positive activists spew online.  However, I never touched on how divisive harping on about thin privilege is.  In this entry, I’ll discuss it in detail and show you why these body positive activists should stop.

You’ll find many articles about the ridiculous thin privilege concept online, so I won’t rehash the details and bore you to death.  What I WILL state is, I disagree that thinness is a privilege, that, if there’re privileges to being thin, they’re earned, just as any privileges and rewards are.

There’re indeed the lucky few who’re genetically blessed.  They can eat whatever the hell they want.  They can be as sedentary as they want.  And yet, their crazily high metabolisms ensure that they remain skinny.  The majority of us who maintain a healthy weight don’t have such genetics.


Thin privilege is NOT a thing!

Besides, why are you making thin people feel guilty about their thin privilege?  Why manipulate us into fighting for you?  Why should we be told that just because we enjoy the rewards of our hard work, we should either forego it or help you, or worse, both?  Why are we obliged to do this?

Naturally, thin people disagree with the thin privilege concept.  Of course they would.  It’s ridiculous.  Besides, arguing back and forth about it only drives the wedge deeper between the body positive community and the thin who they THINK are privileged (they’re NOT :P).

Drop this thin privilege nonsense.  Fat feminists already made it a women vs men thing.  Why worsen it by making it a women vs men feud AND a thin women vs fat women feud as well?  It is NOT helping your cause.  It only turns people off.  Stop.  Just stop.  Focus on building confidence in all women instead.

Wishing you fun,



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