Cherry’s weight loss update

So the last time, I mentioned that Cherry went back to the Philippines to visit family.  She was a little on the chubby side when she returned, but when she realised the clothes that I gave her felt tight, it gave her the motivation to return to those lifestyle habits I taught her.

Guess what?  Like how they worked the first time around, they worked again.  Cherry managed to lose the weight and regain her radiant skin.  To recap, this was Cherry when she first returned from the Philippines.  She was bloated, chubby and flabby.


After Cherry returned to eating fresh food and balanced meals, plus being active again, this is how much weight she has lost.  Note the size of her arms and her face, as well as the difference in her complexion.  In short, she’s glowing with good health again!


Yes, weight loss isn’t as simple as calories in vs calories out.  Yes, weight loss isn’t as simple as the type of food consumed.  Yes, weight loss isn’t as simple as being active.  You know what, you’re right.  Because weight loss should be about getting healthier, not dropping the excess pounds and compromising your health just to achieve it.


Isn’t a healthy lifestyle friggin’ amazing???!!! 😀

So do you believe what the body positive activists say about there being no good nor bad foods?  DO NOT believe it!  Eat right and you’ll radiate good health.  It’s completely visible.  And leading a healthy lifestyle works every single time when you want to lose weight AND improve your health.

Take that step.  You should.  You’ll feel the difference and wish you’d done it sooner.

Wishing you fun,



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