Barbara Corcoran – strong and feminine

I’m crazy about Shark Tank!  Each episode is so addictive and, not only that, there are 5 brilliant minds making shrewd deals with budding entrepreneurs hoping to make it big.  When they fight one another to finance a business, we can catch a glimpse of their genius.

Out of these 5 sharks, only 1 is a woman and that’s Barbara Corcoran.  She’s calm.  She doesn’t lose her cool when nasty Kevin insulted her.  She’s confident when she offers deals.  Her gaze can intimidate grown men.  But inside her is still a very warm heart.  We can see it with old people or someone with a moving story.

She’s a very accomplished woman but she retains her femininity.  She may be old, but she takes pride in her appearance.  Her outfits are immaculate.  I adore the gold necklace she wears in Shark Tank.  She plays the part of a Shark.  She looks the part of a Shark.  A very feminine shark!


Barbara Corcoran more than holds her own against the 4 other sharks and she does it in such a classy manner, it’s impossible to fault her.  For all those modern feminists screaming about being strong, intelligent and independent, they’re not even half as capable as she is.

If anyone wants to morph into a strong and independent woman, Barbara Corcoran is a fantastic role model.  This woman has millions.  MILLIONS.  Nothing the male Sharks say about her capability has deterred her from cutting fantastic deals.

Barbara does all that while still retaining her femininity.  She kicks ass while still looking great.  And she’s a wonderful example of a strong, independent, capable and RICH woman who can still be feminine.  So can you.  I’m totally in awe of her!

Wishing you fun,



Why Americans should vote for Trump

Millions of international eyes are fixed on the US presidential elections.  My man and I haven’t been able to follow as closely as we would’ve liked, but we did manage to catch the drama between the Donald and Hillary Clinton.  From unpleasant comments to deleted emails, the mud-slinging has gotten vicious! 😛

Why would Singaporeans care about American politics?  Well, some of us have American spouses.  Some of us have fond memories of having lived/worked/vacationed in this beautiful country.  But many of us know that the state of the US economy affects many other countries, including ours.

Sure, Americans can disregard my opinion since I can’t vote anyway (my vote would’ve gone to Trump, just so you know :P).  But remember, it’s the welfare of your nation at stake and you need to vote with your head, not your heart.


Yes, the Donald made some obnoxious remarks.  Sure, they’re extremely offensive to people, including women.  But let’s not forget, the country is in debt.  Massive debt.  The economy isn’t doing well.  And in order to have even the slimmest glimmer of hope of restoring the US to its former glory, you need a business person who knows money.

I’m not saying that Hillary Clinton isn’t good.  She’s done good things.  She has some very solid support.  But a business person who knows money like Mr Trump stands a far better chance at turning things around for the country.  If you vote with your heart, the US economy may have a slower recovery or worse, no recovery at all, until the next election.

Are you going to sacrifice the welfare of the nation, as well as your own and your family’s, just because you’re offended?  I leave the decision to you.  But if it were down to these 2, I’m sorry Hillary Clinton.  You’re a fantastically strong and capable woman, but I’ll have to go with the Donald.

Wishing you fun,


Body positivity and the YOU CAN mentality

A comment another cousin, Jie Wan, made recently, helped me think of how body positivity can actually be more uplifting than demoralising.  Telling women to love themselves and develop their confidence (which is great!) aside, there’s still a lot of negative language used.

Diets don’t work.

95% of people who lose weight can’t keep it off.

You have to starve in order to be thin.

Healthy eating is boring.

Why torment yourself just to lose weight?

See all those negative words in bold?

How can body positivity truly be encouraging when they’re filled with such depressing words?  Honestly, if I’d taken these lies to heart, I wouldn’t have gotten my healthy lifestyle back in order.  So now I’ll share what my thoughts were when I decided enough moping was enough moping.


There’re many activities I still CAN do.

Once I eat healthily again, I’ll have MORE energy.

With sufficient nutrients in my food, I WILL derive more health benefits.

I’ll be ABLE to help others get healthier.

I’ll have more RADIANT skin.

See the difference?  Body positivity should genuinely be positive, not a thinly veiled attempt to spread negativity in order to prevent others from doing what would potentially benefit them.  It should be uplifting and encouraging so that people thrive on the support enough to TRY.  And TRY and TRY again.

I don’t care if people are plus size, fat size or obese size.  Whatever damn size you are, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re doing something to improve your life.  And the sooner you ignore those negative words, the sooner you CAN and WILL be more confident and happier.

This is my version of body positivity and it has worked for some.  Do you want to sit back and echo the negativity or do you want to counter it by spreading positivity instead?  Real positivity.  The choice is yours.

Wishing you fun,


Why I support Ashley Graham and so should you

Ashley Graham has been the poster child for the body positive community and curvy women for some time now.  Not only does she have a breathtakingly beautiful face, she’s 1 helluva gutsy lady!  2 incidents this year only served to increase my respect for this fiery lass.

The first was her response to Amy Schumer’s hypocritical protest at being included in Glamour magazine together with other plus sized celebrities.  As mentioned in an earlier entry, I would be thrilled to be included as an inspiration to plus sized women.  I would be thrilled to know they relate to me.

But oh no, not Little Ms Sensitive Amy Schumer.  She took to Twitter and enlisted the help of her fans to attack Glamour.  Ashley Graham certainly set her straight there, calling her out on her double standards.  Yay Ashley!  Boo, Amy Schumer and your plus sized mouth.


The second incident happened when the proudly plus sized beauty posted a photo of herself in Balmain.  She looked confident and sassy and it was such a shame her fans ruined it by accusing her of losing weight after hitting the mainstream.  Hello?  So what if she did?  Her response was all class.

1 of the comments, in particular, was telling.  “You think skinny is prettier.”  If these fans were truly body positive, they wouldn’t widen the divide between skinny and fat.  You wouldn’t be protesting about her losing weight as if being thinner is a bad thing.

Don’t tell us that body positivity is inclusive when you’re trying to exclude.  Don’t champion Ashley only when it makes YOU feel better, even if it’s at the expense of women at healthy weight.  She’s championed you guys for years.  Shouldn’t you reciprocate by supporting her whether she wants to get healthier or not???


This bunch of body positive hypocrites makes me sick and they’re the reason some people remain against the movement.  You, like Amy Schumer, claim you’re body positive, but turn around and exclude thin women, the same way Little Ms Sensitive made fun of Taylor Swift’s thigh gap.

Take a leaf out of Ashley’s book.  Perhaps you’ll eventually become a confident, classy lady, plus sized or not.

Wishing you fun,


My health journey – before and after

I’d written about Cherry’s and my beautician’s weight loss story, but I never shared my own health journey.  When my spine injury worsened, I had to give up the activities I enjoyed – roller blading, canoeing and basketball.  I was depressed and let myself go.

However, Dad’s triple bypass in 2008 was the hard wake-up call I needed.  There was no use feeling sorry for myself.  If I wanted to be around for my folks longer and enjoy their company, if I wanted to help them get healthier, then I had to start doing something about it.

3 years after, I was still fat but, by then, I had lost weight.  It naturally happened when I started to eat balanced meals and proper, fresh food.  Then I decided to move about even if I could no longer do those activities I enjoyed.  There’re still so many things to do out there.

So here’s the journey.  That was me 5 years ago on the left.  On the right is me now.


When you lose weight in a healthy manner, you’ll not be sick.  Some body positive members write about their drastic weight loss and how ill they were.  I’m not sick.  In fact, Pei Shan said there’s a healthy glow in my skin!  I no longer feel lethargy nor am I depressed.

Sure, my spine injury is permanent and will stay with me.  But that isn’t enough reason to give up, right?  Moping around and throwing pity parties isn’t going to improve anyone’s life.  It certainly didn’t improve mine.  I didn’t want to be a loser.  I wanted to be a winner.  And that was when I threw myself into getting back to a very healthy state.

Today, I’m helping others get healthy.  Those who’re as serious and dedicated as I am to having a better quality life.  If I can do it with this spine injury, then there’s no reason you can’t do better.  You can and I hope you do!

Wishing you fun,


Clothes are getting larger now

Looks like I’m passing this black dress to Cherry.  It’s supposed to be a bodycon but look at how loose it is! :/  Elsewhere, it’s the same.  Waistlines are getting larger.  At Pomelo, the smallest waistline for a fitted skirt is 26 inches.  That’s still way too big.  The bodycon dress I bought from them, I passed to Cherry because the waist was too loose.


The other day, Yen Ling and I went shopping at Bugis Junction and entered Pur Pur.  The same thing happened – I tried on a pair of shorts and some fitted skirts.  None of the skirts fit properly.  They were alright at the hips, but there was a huge gap at the waist.

The sales staff said that my waist is very small but it’s not.  My measurements haven’t changed; the clothes have just gotten bigger.  Although it does feel sort of gratifying to tell my man that my waist is too small for many skirts and dresses now, in reality, it’s not that I’ve gotten any slimmer.

Over at other retail stores, the clothes are all noticeably larger in size.  Is this a reflection of burgeoning waistlines in Singapore and Asia?  I’m not sure.  I did read, however, of a contest where plus sized men and women competed to be the next models for a plus size line in India.


Even so, bodycon dresses are not supposed to be loose!  If this keeps up, sooner or later, I’ll have to have my clothes tailored.  I suppose it may have to come to that, but I’d rather do so than gain too much weight.  On my frame, fat is not a good look at all.

Wishing you fun,


Why we should follow fashion rules : )

Modern feminists rant against beauty standards and encourage women to ignore them.  Hashtag campaigns such as #wearwhateveryouwant and #vbo are examples of feminism encouraging women to ditch beauty tips.  Instead, they tell us to flaunt our flaws and hide our assets.

Does any of this make sense to you?  Of course, people can wear what they want, sure.  Nobody has the right to stop them and no one is holding a gun to their heads, coercing them to adhere to fashion rules.  But rebelling against beauty standards comes at a price.  A very hefty price.  Women don’t bother with basic grooming and end up looking sloppy.

Beauty standards and fashion rules have been around for decades and for good reason.  When we bother to groom ourselves, we step out of the house feeling confident.  We interact better with people.  We don’t project our negative body image onto others.


When we follow fashion rules, we don’t risk flaunting what we don’t wish to flaunt.  My body isn’t perfect; fuller boobs would be nice but I don’t want to go under the knife.  This is why you won’t catch me in plunging necklines and, to me, that is perfectly fine.

By following fashion tips, I won’t feel conscious for the rest of the day that I’m exposing my less than perfect boobs.  Instead, I’m quite happy to show a waistline and slim legs and get compliments for them.  These compliments really make my day! : )

So while the body positive activists are doing really good work, here is where I disagree with them.  It’s good to take fashion risks once in a while.  But ignoring fashion rules and beauty standards?  Well, they do so at their own peril.

Wishing you fun,