Ladies’ night at Hideyamamoto

From time to time, Mummy and I have ladies’ night.  Dad and Bro are chained in the dungeons of our castle on these occasions, banned from joining us 😛  Since we love Japanese food, we decided on Hideyamamoto at Level 2, Marina Bay Sands.


The restaurant may be somewhat more pricey than other Japanese joints, but you get what you pay for.  Besides a sophisticated ambience and more refined diners, the food is of better quality and presented as works of art.  Dishes are all the more appetising as a result!


For the appetiser, I had the utterly divine agedeshi tofu.  This came with tender baby veggies delicately simmered in a light soy broth.  The body positive community couldn’t be more wrong when they claim that healthy eating is torment and boring.  There’s so much variety and we can taste the freshness of the ingredients!


Next was the shrimp and veggie tempura.  Unlike other restaurants, Hideyamamoto did not coat the ingredients with too much batter.  The dish wasn’t too greasy, yet very crispy.  It was so delicious!  And Japanese rice?  Heavenly with the food!

Ladies’ nights with Mummy are fun times, with much laughter and exchanging our news.  Now that she’s retired, she enjoys hanging out with friends and our other relatives.  I heard about 2 uncles who’re rather sick – 1 terminally ill.  Given that both are in their early 80s (Mummy is child #10, the youngest), I guess eventually, everything starts to wear out during old age.

What is most important is keeping their remaining days with us as happy and peaceful as possible.

Wishing you fun,



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