Strong and independent women and popularity

I’ve come across several ‘strong and independent’ women (not referring to the social justice warriors online) – Lindy, Yenny, Amanda and Joanne, just to name a few.  They seem to have something in common; people around them start to distance themselves or shun them after a while.

I had a chat with Lovie after Joanne went berzerk at me.  She confessed that Joanne’s personality was ‘too strong’ for her and she didn’t know how to deal with her.  Well, I tend to feel the same way towards these aggressive women; most of us feminine women do.

Lindy made many enemies.  She was disrespectful towards people and, like Joanne, Amanda and Yenny, had to have everything her way, OR ELSE!!!  So we were quite relieved when we no longer had to interact with her as she was generally very unpleasant.


Pleasant and horrid just don’t make a good match.

Yes, perhaps these strong and independent women succeed at bulldozing and getting their way all the time.  However, they pay a huge price for that.  They lose the respect people had for them.  They lose friends.  Their lives are filled with fights and arguments.

It makes me wonder whether this is the reason some of the social justice warriors and modern feminists end up bitter and angry hags.  People dislike them, but instead of taking a good long look at themselves, they simply blame everyone else for not liking them.

So when it comes to having my way all the time OR compromising and enjoying pleasant interactions with others, the choice is plain obvious.  I’m a much happier and positive person because days are filled with more smiles and giggles than unnecessary battles : )

Wishing you fun,



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