My project – nursing a friend back to health

Leonard has been a friend for 25 years.  He’s been like a big brother to me.  Unfortunately, for over 5 years now, his health steadily deteriorated.  The hospitals conducted various tests but didn’t manage to come up with a proper diagnosis.

First, they suspected he had Parkinson’s Disease.  Then they said he had a faulty pituary gland.  Afterwards, they informed him it could be neurological.  At the time, I did suggest an overhaul of his lifestyle, but he was resistant to it.  Fast forward years and being warded for Bell’s Palsy later, he was finally open to let me help him.

I decided to help him the same way I did with my family members, Cherry, my beautician and colleague.  Although he asked many questions, I refused to overwhelm him with too much information.  Instead, I shared a few tips, then we will meet up every few weeks so that there is sufficient time for new habits to form.


I will be sharing Leonard’s progress in this blog so that, as he improves, you readers will understand that there’s always hope for everyone.  I can’t guarantee results, because much of it depends on his own inner strength, determination and willpower to stick with the programme.

But if he should succeed, then it’s just another uplifting success story that spreads positivity instead of the negativity that the body positive community loves to perpetuate.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Nobody wants to see an old friend suffer so much.

Leonard used to have fainting spells.  His body wasted away.  He has sleep apnea.  He had Bell’s Palsy.  He’s been in and out of hospital and he’s only 40 years old.  Although my way of living isn’t a complete cure, it could possibly bring about sufficient improvement such that he enjoys a better quality life.

Journey with me, readers : )

Wishing you fun,



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