Strop being a douche to fat people

I’m firmly against fat logic but I’ve also made my stand clear in this blog.  I’m wholly against the torment and humiliation of fat people.  As people, they deserve basic respect accorded to human beings.  Yet, recently, something happened to Amanda and it was truly horrifying.

Although Amanda was love scammed, she hadn’t given up hope of finding true love and getting married.  She still gave online dating another go.  Well, she shared her interaction with 2 dudes and the insults they hurled at her while they were conversing.

Ok, to be fair, Amanda wasn’t exactly nice to them.  Alright, she was a tad rude.  But she didn’t once call them names nor insult them.  What did the guys do?  One said she was an ugly woman.  The second told her she should be happy that he was willing to look beyond her ‘fat figure’.


Tsk tsk, you meanies!

Granted, I can understand if the lads were rude back, but to stoop to insults and humiliation was too much.  C’mon, just respond in the same curt manner that she did, if you must, but there’s no need to be so vicious when cutting a person down to size (figuratively speaking).

As mentioned in earlier posts, Amanda projects her negative body image issues and this, in addition to a very domineering personality, makes her very difficult to deal with and caused the end of many friendships, including ours.  However, not once did I ever insult her due to her weight.

There’re certain boundaries that normal human beings with any shred of decency won’t cross.  These guys definitely crossed the line and it ain’t nice at all.

Wishing you fun,



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