Yes, we can tell how active you are versus how much you eat

The body positive community argues that you can’t tell how healthy a person is based on appearance.  For example, Tess Holliday, arguably the most famous obese supermodel, regularly posts photos of her exercising with her personal trainer or being active on social media.

Ok, ok, calm down, Tess.  We hear you loud and clear that you practice Health At Every Size, ok?  Ok.  So why are people still commenting that she’s unhealthy?  Because there’s also footage circulating on the internet showing that she requires help to get up from a kneeling position.

This is not normal.  A regular average person, big or petite, is able to get up on his or her own.  Our bones are supposed to be able to lift and carry us.  Being so heavy that you can’t do the simplest actions of daily living unless you have permanent disabilities from severe injuries does not indicate good health (hear that, Whitney Thore?).


Whilst it may not be possible to accurate gauge anyone’s blood work or health readings based on appearance, it is entirely possible to tell how active a person is versus his/her food consumption.  Can people tell that I can balance my eating habits versus my physical activity?  Of course they can.

First, I can lift myself off the ground in spite of a spine injury and shoulder ligament tear.  Second, I was born with fair skin but am fairly tanned due to regular power walking (and it’s FREE!!!) and getting moderate amounts of sun.  Third, I don’t have large amounts of dangerous visceral fat.

The above is regardless of size.  So yes, the body positive community can argue that health readings are not visible to the public.  However, what we eat versus what we burn is absolutely visible and it’s irrevocable.  If we eat junk all the time, it shows.  If we’re so fat that we’re abnormally immobile, it shows.

Facts are facts.  Period.

Wishing you fun,



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