Buffet again at Saltwater Cafe

Kelly loves his buffets.  He’d wanted to go to Brazil Churrasco again, but I suggested some variety instead.  We headed to Saltwater Cafe where it isn’t so crowded.  Dressed in a pink cropped top from Neonmello and white skorts Cherry chose for me when we visited Malacca, I felt comfortably stylish : )


Cherry had grown a little chubby since returning to Cebu to visit her family.  Now that she’s back in Singapore, she’s returned to healthier eating habits and being more active in order to fit into the clothes I passed to her again.  Here she is in a top that was too big for me.


There was a hotel staff walking around the tables and giving kids free balloons.  Here’s angelic-looking (but a mischievous lil’ imp in disguise :P) Noe with her heart wand.


After 1 plate of seafood, I fell in love and returned time and again for second, third and more helpings! ๐Ÿ˜›  My man and the rest similarly helped themselves to the fresh and succulent shellfish.  We focused on those so much that we neglected to try the other dishes ๐Ÿ˜›


Without anyone to encourage unhealthy eating habits, Kelly ate like the rest of us – plenty of fresh food and little junk.  I hope that he manages to lose more weight as his health deteriorated as his belly grew.  He has to take high blood pressure pills and gets frequent headaches.  Cherry and I are worried that he may be at risk for a stroke.

Hopefully, it doesn’t take a serious health scare for him to take more action to get his weight in check.  I can share what I know, but it’s up to people whether or not they want to give it a try.  Cherry did and saw results, although she did lapse a little when she returned to the Philippines to visit family.  She’s now back on track.

My cousin, however, is a tad more resistant to change.  As family, we care about him not to give up but he has to want it enough to do something with the information that I’ve shared.

Wishing you fun,



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