Varying food presentation keeps things interesting

I’ve shared the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and caviar/ebiko and truffle oil before, so I won’t bore you with rehashed details.  Instead, how do you serve the same food in a different manner to keep a dish interesting?  Well, I’ll show you another way this time.

My man loves the dish, so I spoil him with him now and then.  But things do get stale after a while and meals are no different.  So on a Saturday, when we were having our mid-afternoon beers, I decided to present the dish differently but, hopefully, as attractively.


Tadah!  Well, it worked.  My man attacked his meal with renewed gusto.  I enjoyed my plate as well and it went absolutely well with my bottle of icy liquid sunshine (i.e. beer :P).  I do value my health, but not to the point of being a freak about it.  Hopefully you can see in this blog that you can have a balanced lifestyle AND remain a healthy weight.


Slim people CAN be foodies.  In fact, I adore food the way everyone else does.  But I’m picky about the quality of the ingredients I consume.  Why would I pick what does harm to my body over what gives it beneficial nutrients?  That wouldn’t be very smart, would it?


And to the offendatron who called me a narcissist, heh, I know 😛  I love myself and am proud of the fact that I can still remain slim through effort despite my injuries.  What about you? 😛

Wishing you fun,



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