Aggressive feminists

Much has been said about the current wave of feminists; most of them aren’t compliments πŸ˜›  I’m unashamedly against modern feminism and am not afraid to say it.  This is reinforced each time I encounter 1 of them and guess what, I did!  In the comments section of an online article I posted in quite some months back.

A loonie decided to reply, “How ignorant are you?”  Insults are their favourite go to when they disagree with your opinion.  Was I supposed to cower when confronted by these ‘strong and independent women’?  Well, I didn’t.  My reply, “How aggressive are you? : )”  Yes, smiley included, to drive the point in and rub it in good πŸ˜›

Feminists demand respect for themselves but don’t give respect in turn.  Such double standards are unfair and go against the old school feminist principles of equality for women.  No wonder the manosphere label them ‘entitled snowflakes’.  Because it’s true!


Angry feminist she-male: ‘How ignorant are you?’

I’d rather be ignorant than feminist! πŸ˜›

Modern feminists ought to remember 1 thing: in order to receive, you have to first give.  You demand respect?  Respect others.  You don’t want to be insulted?  Don’t insult.  You don’t want to be attacked by men?  Don’t attack them.  There.  Simple, right?  But it may still be too difficult for you dimwits to understand πŸ˜›

I respect old school feminists.  But modern ones?  Their behaviour doesn’t warrant any.

Wishing you fun,



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