Don’t expect the world to change for you

I’m against tormenting and humiliating fat people.  I’m all for giving them the basic respect accorded to all human beings.  But when I read some posts or articles written by Ragen Chastain, Lesley Kinzel, Melissa McEwan, Jes Baker and other bitter and angry fativist, I can’t help but understand why they cause such hatred against the body positive community.

Fatlogic and spreading harmful/toxic messages to other obese people aside, these women ooze such negativity, anger and misery that it’s almost impossible to like them.  Lesley Kinzel whines and rails so frequently in her online rants that I wonder how much time she actually spends being happy and positive, if at all.

In a post she wrote in 2016, she complained that only fat women up to a certain size are cheered on when they fight against fat shaming, whereas those who fall outside of the ‘acceptable’ sizes are invisible and neglected.  She objected to women taking charge of their lives and developing their own armour against body shaming and insisted that people should join their fight to get society to change their views.


Say what again?

It is not only demanding and unreasonable, it is downright thick-skinned of anyone to want to control others’ right to their opinions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions.  If everyone expects society to change for them, society would be very busy indeed, trying to live up to these divas’ expectations!

I’m not the only one who thinks this way.  There’re possibly (many) others who share the same view and they’re not fat shamers nor fat haters.  Who are we to impose our demands on others?  Who are we to think we can control other people?  The only ones we can control are ourselves!

We can change our own actions and choose/decide to behave a certain way in order to achieve the outcomes we want.  Stamping our feet and behaving like brats reflect poorly on us and our parents’ upbringing.  I can’t believe such miserable people still exist and haven’t woken up from their delusional stupor!

Wishing you fun,



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