Western men are not all misogynists

The body positive community loves to label men who don’t find their bodies attractive ‘misogynists’.  It’s a very manipulative tactic because it’s like giving an ultimatum: either you like my body and find me soooooooo sexy or you hate ALL women.

I call bullshit, sorry not sorry.  Men, like women, have differing tastes regarding what they visually like.  Some prefer more padding on a partner, some don’t.  That’s it.  Forcing them to think all physiques are equally attractive is unreasonable and controlling.

Western men aren’t as misogynistic as the body positive community claims.  They’ve all been very polite towards me and are very generous when it comes to gentlemanly gestures such as holding doors open, holding elevator doors open, pulling out my seat and giving compliments.


A Caucasian stranger perked up my day recently when he commented, “Hello stylish girl.  Love your style.”  Any woman, apart from feminists who object to objectification blah blah blah *yawn* appreciates compliments.  Which normal person doesn’t? : )

If western men are really misogynists in general, they wouldn’t treat me as well as they have.  I’m sure I’m not the only lady who’s been blessed with such privilege.  If the body positive community has been treated with contempt, then they ought to ask themselves whether or not they did anything to deserve it.

So for every unpleasant social justice warrior or fat feminist accusing me of being narcissistic (hey, I love myself! :P), there’re friendly male strangers who bring a smile to my face.  And they’re the reason I cannot condemn men as misogynists.  They are not.

Wishing you fun,



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