What a fat mouth!

I’d felt sorry for Joanne and was a friend to her when she complained about people being mean or distant.  Little did I know why she faced so much resentment and ostracisation.  Things only became apparent over time and I was alarmed by her behaviour.

Joanne complained that Lovie and Pei Shan were cold towards her.  I found out later that this was because she jumped to conclusions and wronged Lovie.  She spoke to Lovie in an extremely rude manner.  Later, she apologised but it was too little too late; the damage was done.

Recently, it happened to me.  I’d tried to help Joanne but instead of clarifying what happened, she jumped to her own conclusions instead.  She was exceedingly rude, which she disguised as ‘being direct’.  She then proceeded to make a mountain out of a molehill.


Seriously, what the heck?

Besides this, others commented that Joanne went around badmouthing people behind their backs.  She would gossip to 1 person about another, then go to yet another and gossip about other victims.  No wonder people kept away and ostracised her! :O

Good grief, that woman has a fat mouth!  From this and the past, I learnt my lesson.  Before feeling sorry for someone and offering them friendship and support, I need to be more discerning.  No harm done.  The lunar predictions said that, in the Monkey Year, I will say goodbye to a relationship that has run its course.

I firmly believe that what is on the inside manifests on the outside.  So Joanne had better keep her fat mouth shut in case her mouth really blimps up!

Wishing you fun,



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