Be the best you that you can be

“I wish I had your confidence.”

How many times have you said it?  How many times have you read such comments in body positive articles?  Well, regardless of size, everyone can develop such confidence by striving to be the best version of us that we can be.  Don’t believe me?


Why should I?  You’re a size 0!

Well, ladies, WRONG!  When my spine injury starting acting up really badly 9 years ago, I fell into depression as I had to give up many activities I loved.  I can’t roller blade any more in case I fall.  I couldn’t go canoeing.  I can’t even go cycling as it leaves me in pain after a while.  I can’t play basketball.  All these things that kept me healthy and active, I can no longer do.

I let myself go and gave up the healthy lifestyle I led since childhood.  Boy did I blimp up!  I put on over 10 kilos, or over 20 lbs.  On my petite frame, it was horrible.  I was lethargic all the time.  When I sat down, I could grab a handful of belly.  I stopped taking photos as I felt hideous.

But then came the time to stop moping.  Yes, I can no longer do the activities I enjoyed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start a new chapter in life with new stuff and new goals.  That time was after dad’s triple bypass in 2008.  I haven’t looked back since.


It took me 8 years to achieve this body.  From losing the 10 kilos to finding new activities I enjoy, my metabolism is much better now than it was when I gave up my healthy lifestyle.  I can maintain my weight loss AND I feel fresher, cleaner and more energetic : )

So whilst I won’t ever have that kind of body that fitness professionals and athletes do, I’m confident and nobody can take it away from me.  This is because I strive to be the best version of me, in spite of the spine injury (and the latest shoulder ligament tear *bleah*).

If I can do this, so can anybody else and the purpose of this blog is to give you guys a head start.  Like my beautician and Cherry who successfully lost the weight (and which I shared in my past entries) and kept it off, they tried everything to lose weight but lacked the awareness and knowledge.

Now, like me, they lead a life where they can manage their weight easily.

If we can do it, so can you.

Do it!

Wishing you fun,



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