Are you owning the bodycon yet?

I agree and disagree with the body positive community quite often.  I disagree with the rubbish some of them spew online about not being able to lose weight and keeping the weight off.  I disagree with the lies they spread about healthy eating being boring and that maintaining a healthy weight means people need to starve themselves.

However, there’s no denying that the body positive community has helped many.  They inspired plus size women to do something worthwhile for themselves.  They encourage people to get out of the house and not coop themselves inside.  This has lifted their spirits and they’re enjoying life more.

The body positive community also functions as a support network for those who wish to develop better relationships with their bodies, regardless of their size.  They helped heavy beauties to dress better by sharing information about shops carrying stylish plus-sized apparel.


It’s a treat to see bigger ladies having fun dabbling in fashion and that beats moping about at home screaming ‘poor me’ incessantly.  Ok, perhaps the dress in the photo may be a sheath instead of a bodycon, but it’s still a change from the shapeless muumuus that fat people are expected to wear and which many still don daily.

The body positive community encourages women to take fashion risks.  Some succeed and look amazing.  Others probably need a lot of brushing up style-wise but they have time to develop their sense of aesthetics.  I enjoy watching these women flaunt their dress sense like there’s no tomorrow!


So if you haven’t yet dared to wear a bodycon, why not make it your first purchase this year?  It took me quite some time to don my first bodycon dress and, afterwards, there’s no stopping me! šŸ˜›  Get out there and live your life to the fullest.  It’s too short to stay cooped up and moping at home.

Wishing you fun,



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