Kerrrrrrrrrrazy about wraps!

I have salads once a week (not enough for the truly health and fitness conscious! :P) but in recent weeks, I’ve discovered wraps and, for now, I’m addicted to them!  The fillings are generally healthy – plenty of fresh veggies and chicken or smoked salmon – and boy are they absolutely delicious *drool*






Please excuse the food porn 😛  These are from Starbucks.  They don’t deserve their reputation for causing obesity.  There’re many customers in this region who frequent the popular coffee chain who’re not massive.  They actually offer very healthy meal options!




These are from Fig & Olive along Shenton Way.  Admittedly, they’re less healthy since the joint uses mayonnaise in their wraps.  However, mayonnaise, like carbohydrates, don’t deserve their bad rep.  Consumed in reasonable and moderate quantities, it doesn’t cause obesity.



I’m raving about the wraps from Dimbulah.  The smoked salmon wrap is so yummy and the chicken avocado totally divine.  The wraps contain lots of fresh veggies too and they taste wonderful with mashed avocado.  Can’t believe healthy could taste so good?  Believe it.


And the best part?  They let me wear skin tight pants with utter confidence.  Making the effort to eat well and remain active has multiple rewards; amongst them a body positive image.  Who doesn’t like stepping out of the house feeling amazing? : )

And since I’ve shown you that eating well isn’t torment, what are you waiting for?  Do something good for yourself!

Wishing you fun,



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