A healthy view of weight

Besides family and friends, I’m happy to share that colleagues and business associates have been ‘infected’ with the healthy lifestyle mindset 😛  After chatting for a bit, they started to do power walking.  Joyce is 1 of them and, after regularly power walking, she lost 8cm around her waist!  That’s about 4″! 😀

Whenever we have time for a short catch up, we share news about what we’ve been up to and I give her some handy tips to lose more weight.  So recently, we managed to have a quick chat.  I told her that I didn’t intend to lose any weight and, in fact, wish to gain a little more.

During times of stress, my weight tends to drop and, as a result, I have to eat more in order to either maintain or gain back the weight I lose.  Perhaps it’s because I tend to be more restless when stressed out or I fidget about a lot more, but my body burns those calories quick!


‘I like your attitude towards weight’, Joyce commented, ‘You’re not the type who wants to be skinny.’  I knew what she was referring to.  There’re women who simply want to be very thin and try to restrict themselves to very little food.  I don’t subscribe to such beliefs.

My main interest after my dad’s triple bypass and my relative’s severe stroke is health.  I wish to remain active, I wish to enjoy my current mobility and I need the energy for all that.  The energy comes from eating fresh and good quality food, as well as balanced meals.

This is the reason I disagree and wish to show readers that people who’re a size 0 aren’t necessarily anorexics.  Some of us eat well but we move about a lot and it shows!  I’ll discuss this in a later post.  Hopefully it’ll help more people adopt better habits for their own well being : )

Wishing you fun,



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