Clothes for skinny minnies

Like any woman who values grooming, I’m a tad vain and happily agree with anyone who says so 😛  And I love, love, LOVE shopping!  When I’m not moving around, online browsing is a favourite way to pass the time, although it’s hard not to reach for my purse to buy something 😛

Over at Fly Me To Paris, slim women can virtual flip page after page of beautiful and affordable clothes.  Clothes are getting larger nowadays (which I’ll write about another day) even in Asia, so it’s good for us to share where slender folks can buy stylish apparel.

While the body positive community rails against unrealistic beauty standards, the reality is, beauty sells.  It’s instinctive.  When I see an unattractive model, I don’t feel the urge to buy anything.  But when a model looks good, I’m always tempted to buy buy buy buy buy!!!

And whilst Ashley Graham is undeniably pretty, clothes that fit her will positively drown my much more petite frame.  I’m not shaming her for her size, but it’s a fact that a size 0 person cannot wear a size 16 and not look like she’s sinking into quicksand.

Besides dresses, they also sell pretty separates.  Designs sell out quickly here, so if you find yourself eyeing a piece or 2 (or 3, 4, 5), don’t hesitate.  Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed when you realise that they’ve been snapped up by other fashionistas!


Enjoy your shopping!

Wishing you fun,



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