Go eat a sandwich!

Many thin women complain that they’re told to shut up about their fair share of body shaming and eat a sandwich.  Well, there’s no harm eating sandwiches because they’re bloody delicious!  When they contain fresh ingredients, they make up balanced meals on their own.



More food porn, which shows you how often I eat these damn things 😛  They just taste too good 😛





Impossible to get sick of this delectable cheesy tuna melt!


20160621_121529 (1)

Mouthwatering buttermilk chicken and egg.


Chicken and apple slaw meal.

When people tell you to shut up and eat a sandwich, they’re doing so in order to be spiteful.  Frequently, the underlying reason has all to do with jealousy.  They don’t understand that their eating habits differ from yours and contribute to the weight and size difference.

Yes, we don’t like people being mean to us, but the reality is, some will be.  We can’t control their natures, but we can toughen ourselves up and fight their malice with humour.  Besides, when they’re mean, I usually tease them quite a bit back.

So what can you do if somebody tell you online to shut up and eat a sandwich?  Well, post photos of your delicious sandwiches……



Your body.  To infuriate them further, add the caption, “I just ate a sandwich and have no excuses” 😛  Let them stew in their negative energy whilst you go about your day feeling light and fresh from all the healthy food you consume.  It’s rather entertaining, sorry, not sorry 😛

So don’t let such rude remarks get you down.  Remember, you CAN choose your own reactions.  You CAN choose how to feel when faced with such malice and spite.  You can turn it into a joke at their expense or you can wallow in misery.  Which would you choose?

Wishing you fun,



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