Beautiful inside and out

Go to any random online body positive article and, chances are, in the comments section, somebody will state that a plus sized woman is beautiful on the inside and out.  I’m not sure why people keep parroting one another, but this phrase is sooooo over-used *roll eyes*

On the flip side, slender women like Nicole Arbour are accused of being ugly on the inside and out.  If nobody has spotted the hypocrisy or is too polite to call people out, then I’m going to do it.  What is with these double standards?  Are those of you using these phrase saying that only fat women are beautiful on the inside and out?

Just like you claim that people cannot tell a person’s health by his/her appearance, you also cannot tell the beauty of his/her insides 😛  So what makes you an expert on their innards?  Are you a certified expert on innards beauty? 😛  Aren’t you being presumptuous now? 😛


Just because you have degree or some knowledge in fat studies doesn’t make you an expert on innards beauty, you know? *wave hello to Virgie Tovar*  It’s sheer hypocrisy to only apply this phrase exclusively to fat women.  Slender women can be kind and compassionate, but these are taken for granted by the body positive community and they’re almost NEVER acknowledged nor cheered on.

Why are they so jealous of women who’re able to maintain a healthy weight to the point where those who’re thin cannot even voice their own body image issues without being attacked?  Why are they so vicious and mean towards thin women?  Do they not need them as allies anymore?

Just because slender women purportedly meet beauty standards doesn’t mean that they don’t wish to be included.  By only using beautiful on the inside and out on fat women, you’re perpetuating the divide between the fat and the slim.  How is this helping you?  How does this help your body positive cause?

Wishing you fun,



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